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Information Technology (IT) Security should be an ongoing and fundamental consideration in every aspect of your network infrastructure. Improper network configurations can go unnoticed to the untrained eye, which can result in multiple unknown "security vulnerabilities" or breaches in security. Professional security implementation requires a rigorous in-depth analysis with an overall solutions orientated strategy.

WHITES Systems believes that affordable and effective network security solutions are possible to achieve through a highly skilled technology team. Initially, our specialised network security consultant will sit down with you to analyze your situation and create an outline for a strategic security solution. Our network security consultant will then present options and recommendations based upon your needs. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver to you the most value-based and cost-effective Network Security Consulting solutions possible.

Typical security services include:

* Security Audit - Identification of current security concerns

* Security Threat Assessment (Penetration testing) - Including internal and external vulnerability scans

* Secure Infrastructure Design - Secured network design and access strategies including firewalls, proxy server with content filter, intrusion detection, and VPN implementations.


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